10 Advices by Personal Coach to Get Rid of 70 KG

By the time Joe Bernstein was 25 years old, he weighed 154 kg (339.8 lbs). Dieting has no effect. Then, he brought some simple habits into life, and finally made positive changes in his appearance and feelings about himself. Now Joe is a personal trainer, coaching and helping individuals to achieve healthy lifestyle decisions.

Dockul provides you with the opportunity to use the following rules to achieve excellent results.

That’s how Joe used to be. Here, you can also see the amazing achievements of his simple habits.

1-Stop drinking calories

This means that it is best to avoid soda, juice and sweet tea. Even if this is the only habit you accept, it can help you lose 22 kg (48.5 pounds) in three months. Unfortunately, there are times when we are unaware that we consume approximately 3,000 calories each day.

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2-Forget about ready-made business lunches

…Then bring a nice lunch box full of healthy homemade food to work.

3-Spend less time on the road

Cycling will help you save hours of personal time while also maintaining nerves. You can use your spare time for healthy cooking and exercise.

4-Learn to cook

.. and how to enjoy cooking. Recipes on the Internet, cooking shows, and social networking courses will help you embark on the path of a chef.

5-Try to understand the value of natural foods

It is best to choose local and fresh products that “restore” taste buds and cause the body to lose weight.

6-Adopt a dog

An active morning walk with your four-legged friends is the best way to increase metabolism and brain activity. There is really no need to keep a dog-the main thing is that you need to find a reason for a morning walk.

7-Buy organic food

This has nothing to do with the hype about “non-GMO” or “organic products”, but the habit of choosing high-quality food. Yes, this kind of food may seem expensive, but once you refuse ready-made meals, your budget will return to normal.

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8-Be aware of the meat’s quality

It is a good idea to increase the number of vegetarian lunches and dinners you eat, which means more vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, crops and legumes. If you don’t want to refuse meat, please pay attention to its quality and source.

9-Leave the relationships that make you heavy

After breaking up with his ex-wife, Joe had to rebuild his own life, which was a brand new life-a healthy and conscious life. Don’t be too aggressive. Everyone has a relationship, and now it’s over.

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10-Change yourself both physically and mentally

In order not to make the weight return to normal, it is important to do exercise rather than eating properly. All the mental work in the mind is very important: from the beginning, let go of some old habits, until you realize and feel the new self.

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