15 Useful Habits That May Hurt Your Appearance

What we see at a certain age depends largely on genetics. But this is not the only factor – we ourselves can seriously influence the ageing process.

Dockul has collected seemingly harmless habits that rob us of our youth.

The ponytail is your favourite hairstyle

If you tighten the hair roots, this can lead to hair root shrinkage and baldness in the future. To save hair, it is best to replace the ponytail with a more relaxed hairstyle.

you drink too much milk

Of course, no one is saying that you should reject milk. Nevertheless, it is useful to be aware of the unpleasant consequences of excessive milk consumption. Milk contains androgens that can stimulate a more active function of the sebaceous glands. As a result, more sweat is produced, pores become clogged and the skin looks oily and tired.

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you only wear sunscreen on their face.

Many women are used to applying sunscreen all year round, but they forget their hands. Hands are the most sensitive to ageing and fat loss, which makes the veins more visible. In addition, ultraviolet rays cover the aged skin and wrinkles. Don’t forget to inseminate your hands with sunscreen, especially while driving. And don’t forget to use it in the summer, especially on your neck and chest.

you like to sit cross-legged.

Varicose veins in the legs are a direct consequence of the compression of blood vessels and blood circulation disorders. Moreover, the “crossed legs” pose is full of blood congestions in the pelvic region, which is particularly harmful for women (especially harmful for pregnant women). It’s not easy to control yourself, but you can buy a comfortable computer chair and get used to putting your feet on the storage space when you sit down, or on the sofa when you lie down at home.

Comb your hair when wet

This allows the ends of the hair to separate, which is a common mistake in hair care. To avoid further damage to your hair, towel dry (do not rub), blow dry, brush your hair, and start styling.

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Reseed your eyebrows before applying makeup.

If you decide to sculpt your eyebrows with tweezers, do it in the evening after washing your face. This way, you can reduce the risk of bacterial intrusion and prevent your eyebrows from becoming irritated. Then you can cover your eyebrows with concealers.

Use styling appliances with the hottest temperature.

When hair is exposed to high temperatures (whether it’s a blow dryer, curling iron or straightening iron), tiny bubbles form inside the curl. These bubbles make hair dry and brittle. To avoid this, keep the hair dryer 15 cm away from the hair, use heat protectors and set the temperature to half-time.

you like to rub their eyes

This bad habit can damage your lashes: you will become brittle and break down. You can also damage the skin under your eyes – it becomes red and makes you look tired. Use the “20-20-20” method instead of rubbing your eyes: look at your eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

you hold a grudge

A study published in 2005 in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine showed that there is a link between forgiveness and physical health. And if you can’t stop holding a grudge, it will prolong your appearance for another two years. The fact is that the stress hormone (cortisol) builds up in your body. It promotes weight gain, increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increasing your risk of diabetes.

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You are used to touching your face

You don’t notice if you put your hands on your cheeks, nose or chin. This causes double damage: the constant stretching of the skin can cause early wrinkles, and if you wipe it off with dirty hands, you can get infected and covered with acne. The only thing that can help you get rid of this habit is self-control.

you use powder for your face too often

With an oily glow, the worst thing for the skin is to apply the powder a hundred times a day. It has nothing to do with how the powder looks on the face, it just clogs the pores. What should I do? First of all, use eraser paper. If that doesn’t help, you can apply some powder.

You put the whole universe in your handbag

If your bag is filled with everything you need, including an umbrella, first aid box, a spare pair of shoes and a thick book, your posture can suffer. So don’t forget to move the bag from one hand to the other or from one shoulder to the other.

You apply too much nursing cream

If you use too much, even the best creams can do damage. Don’t use thick creams – the skin can’t breathe under the mask, which can lead to swelling, dark circles and an unhealthy complexion. Use paper towels to remove excess cream.

They workout too much.

According to doctors, a fanatical attitude towards this type of physical activity will only accelerate skin aging. If it’s a morning jog, it’s nothing but useful.

You like fresh juice

Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of antioxidants that fight foreign free radicals. But fruit juices contain too much fructose – the sugar molecules travel through the blood to every cell in the body and attach themselves to fat and protein. When sugar binds to collagen (which gives elasticity to the skin), the sugar starts the sugar process, creating wrinkles. Fall in love with fresh cabbage juice! Green vegetables contain most of the antioxidants and zinc, which can prevent wrinkles.


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