11 Habits of Healthy Eating That You Should Forget All About

People who are concerned about their bodies often seek to swap out bad foods for healthful onesBut in most casesthe alternatives do not lead us towards a healthy diet.

Dockul has put together a set of guidelinesIf you choose to eat “clean” foodsit is preferable to avoid them.

A box of apple juices is a healthier choice than cola

Apples juices have such an inocent appearance we easily assume that they are more healthy choices than the ” bad ” colaactuallyit contains more Calories than cola.

Thereforeif you truly are concerned about nutritiondrink fresh water and ditch the bottled juices and sodas.

eating raw veggiesrather than cooked onesfor a healthier diet.

It has been found that some kinds of cooked veggies are healthier choices when compared to eating fresh veggiesFor instancecooked carrots are higher in carotenoidswhile stewed or simmered tomatoes hold higher levels of lycopenea chemical compound that is beneficial for your health.

Moreover, people who control their intake of carbohydrates to a degree still think it is healthier to dine in other places, so they tend to order sushi in restaurants. Indeed, a salmon roll is higher in carbohydrates than a hamburger, even though the latter has more calories.

To lose weight, you need to pick something that is harmless to your body.

A healthy alternative to salt is soy sauce

Dietitians do not recommend favouring soy sauce over salt – otherwise, dining out at a local Chinese restaurant can cause you to take in many doses of salt a day without actually realising it.

It is better to add salt to your food frequently than to think that this is a healthy alternative.

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Replace sugar with honey

While everyone is aware that added sugar is damaging to your body and overall health, we tend to keep adding honey to any food that we would like to make sweeter. the truth, its calories are even higher than sugar’s.

There is not much difference, but what is sure is that you will never see any weight loss progress this way.

Dehydrated fruits are the ultimate snack

The drying process results in the fruit losing up to 85% of its essential vitamins and anti-oxidants. This is why it is best to snack on fresh fruit.

Dehydrated fruits are also harmful partly because some insincere companies add sweetening syrup to the fruit, which reduces its beneficial effect even further.

Eating popcorn is not healthy

It has been proved by scientists that popcorn cooked with air fryer is a beneficial and nutritious food. Indeed, one cup of popped corn has almost two times as many polyphenolic antioxidants compared to any other fruit or veggie. In fact, it also contains many fibres, which are very beneficial for your health.

Obviously, you probably need to eat more than a little of it, but a jar of ordinary popcorn can be a healthy snack.

Eating cheese is the biggest threat to people on a diet

The majority of diets say that it is best not to consume cheese because it has a lot of extra fat and calories. However, it can be consumed even on the most strict diet, as cheese contains higher levels of calcium than the majority of other foods.

At the same time, it is rich in linoleic acid, which inhibits the formation of fat and may help you to reduce your weight.

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Alcohol is bad for the human body

According to a myth about healthy eating, people who are concerned about their health should eliminate alcohol from their lives. Nevertheless, there are beneficial elements in wine. For instance, there are plenty of polyphenols in red wine that provide vascular support.

But remember to stick to the one glass rule.

any meal will become better with healthy oil

Virgin coconut oil, linseed oil, pumpkin oil… all of them have made their way into lifetime accompaniments for those that are on a a healthy eating programme. Plenty of people use them in their dishes without even considering it – however, there’s a dangerous trap lurking here. Flax oil, for instance, when heated, it becomes entirely poisonous because it contains a high percentage of non-saturated acids.

Certain oils can only be eaten raw.

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Food that is fat-free is more healthy

A lot of people are so serious about following their weight loss plans that they opt only for low-fat products – even though these contain higher calories than ordinary products. Just think about it: If you are going to get rid of fat, which is what adds taste to food, then you have to swap it for an alternative. In addition, this kind of diet has fewer essential vitamins and useful nutrients.

For example, all milk-based foods include the fatsoluble vitamins D, E, A and K. So: no fat – no vitamins.


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